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Newsletter Policies

Advertising Policy: Advertising is accepted in good faith. We can not accept responsibility for dealings with any advertiser. However, please report unsatisfactory dealings to the Advertising Manager or the Publisher.

Circulation: 5000 in the USA, Canada and worldwide by mail subscription and through paid and complimentary distribution at law enforcement insignia shows, police museums and hobby shops worldwide.

Publication Date: PCNews is published the first week of each month. Publication dates are available from our office during regular business hours.

Copyright: The entire contents of the newspaper are protected by copyright. All titles and formats, including "Swap Meet Calendar," "News Notes" and "The Bulletin Board," are registered trademarks. The contents of the newspaper and web site may not be reproduced without our permission. All rights, including electronic reproduction, are reserved. Police Collectors News, PC News Online and PCNEWS are registered trademarks of the Police Insignia Collectors Association and may not be used without permission. Our electronic address is registered and may not be used without permission.